You asked: What can be shared on social media?

What to share and what not to share on social media?

13 Things It’s Better Not to Share on Social Media

  1. Expensive gifts and purchases. nickiminaj.
  2. Ultrasound pictures. © …
  3. Party pictures. …
  4. Financial information. …
  5. Personal identification documents. …
  6. Vacation plans. …
  7. Your location. …
  8. Complaints about your work. …

What types of information can be shared or not on social media?

The kinds of information that you may be sharing on a social network includes:

  • Your profile. Most social networks allow users to create detailed online profiles and connect with other users in some way. …
  • Your status. …
  • Your location. …
  • Shared content.

What is the most shared content on social media?

Lists and why-posts proved to have the most reliable social traction, averaging around 21,000 shares per month with a variance of less than 2.5%.

  • Lists narrowly claimed the most social traction at 22.45%
  • Why-posts earned 22.32% of social traction.
  • Videos drew 18.94% of total shares and performed well in Q4.

What can I share and not share online?

Sharing sensitive information such as your address, phone number, family members’ names, car information, passwords, work history, credit status, social security numbers, birth date, school names, passport information, driver’s license numbers, insurance policy numbers, loan numbers, credit/ debit card numbers, PIN …

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What should not share on social media?

8 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media [Infographic]

  • Negative Posts About Customers or Clients.
  • Irrelevant Viral Content.
  • Political or Religious Posts.
  • Content That Isn’t Properly Proofread or Edited.
  • Attempts to Capitalise on Tragedy.
  • Too Much Overtly Promotional Content.
  • Misleading Posts.
  • Unattributed Content.

What are those 3 things that you can never share with someone?

7 things you should NOT share with anyone (not even your best…

  • 01/10Things you must not share. …
  • 02/10Oversharing. …
  • 03/10​Every other fight that you have with your boyfriend. …
  • 04/10​Every time you are feeling low. …
  • 05/10​Every time somebody says something hurtful. …
  • 06/10​Family drama. …
  • 07/10​Good deeds. …
  • 08/10Sex life.

What can I share online?

Information that can be shared online:

  • Youtube videos reviewing products.
  • An audio recording of your online videos and put them on your website or blog.
  • Slide share presentations.
  • Graphs.
  • Infographics.
  • Webinars.
  • Music.
  • Text format of your video blog posts.

What are three things you should remember when using social media?

5 key things to remember in social media

  • Remember: Sharing quizzes and memes will give someone else access to your Facebook data.
  • Remember: Personal posts and posts from the heart will resonate most with people.
  • Remember: It doesn’t take that long to try a new social network.
  • Remember: Cross-posting is always bad.

What are the uses of social media in your everyday life?

Social Media plays a very important role in today’s life, social Media are web-based online tools that enable people discover and learn new information, share ideas, interact with new people and organizations. It has changed the way people live their life today, it has made communication much easier.

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