You asked: How do I share my notes with family?

Can notes be shared with family?

When you create a family on Google, you can share notes on Google Keep with your family group. Anyone in the family can edit or delete notes you share with the family group.

Can I share all of my notes with someone?

Tap the note you want to share. Tap Collaborator. Enter a name, email address, or Google Group. In the top right, tap Save.

How do I share my notes with family on iPhone?

Add someone to a note

  1. Open the iCloud note that you want to share.
  2. Tap the More button , then tap Share Note .
  3. Choose how you’d like to send your invitation. Then select the person you want to share with.
  4. Depending on how you want to share, you may need to tap Send.

Why can’t I share notes on my iPhone?

Turn off Notes iCloud Sync and turn it on again. For this, open the iPhone Settings app > your name from the top > iCloud > toggle off Notes. Now, restart your iPhone and follow the same steps to turn it on. Everything should resync.

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Is there an app to share notes?

Apps like Bear, SimpleNote, Quip, and others allow you to write, draw, share your notes, and add files to your notes. …

How do I share a list on iPhone?

Tap the list that you want to share. Tap the More button , then tap Share List. Tap Share Options to choose whether the people you add can add others to the list, then choose how you’d like to invite people to the list. Add the people you want to share the list with, then send the invitation.

Can you make a shared note on iPhone?

You can share notes on your iPhone with iCloud in the Notes app. When you share an iCloud note through Messages or Mail, the person you shared it with will be able to access and edit the note, and both of you can collaborate and make changes. You can also share notes through connected social media apps like Facebook.

How do you share notes on Mac?

How to Share Notes from Mac

  1. Open the Notes app on your Mac.
  2. Now, select a note that’s stored under the iCloud folder and click on the collaborate icon located right next to the share option.
  3. This will give you an option to add people to the note. …
  4. Now, choose how you want to share the invite.

How do I transfer my notes from iPhone to iPhone?

Its very simple, try Airdrop, open the notes on iphone from which you wish to transfer it, tap on Share icon, tap “AirDrop”, and simultaneously enable “AirDrop” from other iphone, choose “Everyone” ,and you are done with it.

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How do I accept a note invite on my iPhone?

If you’ve got an invitation for collaborating with someone on a Note via Mail or Messages, the process of accepting it is pretty simple. Just tap on the preview that you see, which contains the Notes icon and the note title.

Can you share Notes from iPhone to android?

On your iPhone, open the Notes app and select the note you wish to send. Tap the Share button in the top-right corner and select Mail. … Ensure that your Android phone is set up with the same email account, and open your email app to receive your note.

How do I share Notes from iPad to iPhone?

Open the Notes app on your iPad. Go to the note you want to transfer from iPad to iPhone. Click the share button on the upper-hand corner. Then, you will see different options to share notes from iPad to iPhone, like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop.