You asked: Do A shares have CDSC?

What is a CDSC charge?

CDSC, or “contingent deferred sales charge” is a declining back–end sales charge applied to shares sold within a specified period. The average annual compound return “with CDSC” is the gain or loss made on an investment if you paid the maximum back–end sales charge (1% for Class C and 529-C shares).

What is the difference between A and C shares?

The primary difference between classes A and C is that class A funds impose fees when you invest in the fund (expressed as a percentage of the investment), while the fees for class C funds are paid to the fund through its annual fees.

Does CDSC apply to reinvested dividends?

Increases in the value of your shares or shares acquired through reinvestment of dividends or distributions are not subject to a CDSC. The amount of any CDSC will be paid to and retained by the Distributor.

Do Class C shares have a CDSC?

The fund’s class C shares don’t have a front-end load, but they carry a maximum 1% CDSC on shares held less than one year.

What is CDSC annuity?

If you withdraw money from an annuity contract or surrender the contract within a certain period of time after investing, the insurance company may assess a contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC). Usually, the CDSC is a percentage of the purchase payment withdrawn, and it declines gradually over the CDSC period.

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How can I get CDSC statement?

The lender will forward the forms to CDSC through your CDA.

  1. You get the duplicate copy of the deposit form (CDS 2)
  2. You get a monthly statement from CDSC if you have a trade that month.
  3. You get a statement upon request.
  4. The statements are issued directly to your email or postal address as indicated on the form.

What is CDSC account?

This is a computer system operated by The Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) that facilitates holdings of shares in electronic accounts, opened by shareholders and manages the process of transferring shares traded at the Stock Exchange.

Are ETFS listed on stock exchanges?

An ETF is a basket of securities, shares of which are sold on an exchange. … Like individual stocks, ETF shares are traded throughout the day at prices that change based on supply and demand. Like mutual fund shares, ETF shares represent partial ownership of a portfolio that’s assembled by professional managers.

Why is good more expensive than googl?

Why Is GOOG More Expensive Than GOOGL? The fact that GOOGL — which has voting rights — usually was a little more expensive than GOOG, which has no voting rights, makes sense. Investors did not value the voting rights too much, but they still put a premium of a couple of percentage points on that.

Do C shares convert to A shares?

Class C Shares

Unlike B shares, they typically do not convert to class A shares and, instead, continue to charge higher annual expenses (including 12b-1 fees) for as long as the shares are held.

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What does C Stock mean?

C-STOCK: This is liquidation/clearance inventory, source from the manufacturer or distributor, that have blemishes (aka, scratch & dent models). These may be factory seconds, units damaged in shipping, or dealer/consumer returns with finish/operation problems.