Why is Majesco share price falling?

Is it good to buy Majesco shares now?

Good news, investors! Majesco is still a bargain right now according to my price multiple model, which compares the company’s price-to-earnings ratio to the industry average. … Majesco’s share price also seems relatively stable compared to the rest of the market, as indicated by its low beta.

Should I buy Majesco for dividend?

Should I buy Majesco stock for dividend? … Thus, to conclude, investors should avoid entering the stock only for dividend purpose as the taxes will eat up majority of the dividends. Also it is advisable for investors already invested in the stock to book profits at current levels and exit the stock.

Is Majesco a good company?

Majesco is a good organization to work. Work culture is very competitive There are very good people in the organization who helps in individual’s growth in professionally. Majesco team organizes the fun activities.

How Majesco share came down?

On Tuesday, shares of Majesco declined as investors chose to sell, rather than be taxed for dividend income. The stock was down by half a percent a day after the company announced an interim dividend of Rs 974 per share for the financial year 2020-21.

What happens to Majesco?

Why Has Majesco Declared Such a High Dividend? The main reason for this is because the insurance technology firm had sold one of its business units– Majesco US- to Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm. The sale proceeds after accounting for expenses and capital gains tax had been Rs 3,853.3 crore!

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What happens to Majesco after dividend?

The company said the earliest dividend payout will be from 30 December 2020. … Majesco further added the balance cash reserves estimated at Rs 103 crore will be distributed subject to board and regulatory approvals.

Why did Majesco declared high dividend?

Majesco on Tuesday declared an interim dividend of Rs 974 per share. The high dividend payout follows the sale of US arm — which accounted for the bulk of its revenues and profits — to private equity firm Thoma Bravo earlier this year. …

Who will get dividend of Majesco?

The board of directors of Majesco, at its meeting held on December 15, 2020, had approved an interim dividend of Rs 974 (19,480 per cent) per equity share of face value of Rs 5 each for the financial year 2020-2021.