Which countries share a border with only one other nation?

Which countries share a border with only one nation?

The other countries that share their land border with just one country are Brunei (Malaysia), Dominican Republic (Haiti), The Gambia (Senegal), Haiti (Dominican Republic), and Monaco (France). Here is a tabular representation of the countries that share the border with just one country.

Which of these countries has a land border with more than one country?

Of the 3 North American countries, Mexico has the largest number of shared land borders in North America, sharing an international land boundary with the United States, Belize, and Guatemala.

Countries Bordering The Highest Number Of Other Countries.

Rank Country Bordering Countries
1 China 14
1 Russia 14
2 Brazil 10
3 Democratic Republic of the Congo 9

What two countries do we share a border with?

The United States shares international land borders with two nations:

  • The Canada–United States border to the north of the Contiguous United States and to the east of Alaska.
  • The Mexico–United States border to the south.

Which states share border with other countries?

Complete Answer:

Country States and Union Territories
Pakistan J&K, Ladakh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat
Afghanistan Ladakh (POK region)
China Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh
Nepal Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Sikkim
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What country has no borders?

Largest Countries with No Borders

km2 Country
270,467 New Zealand
109,884 Cuba
103,000 Iceland
65,610 Sri Lanka

Which continent has only one country?

Australia is the only first world country in the Australian-New Guinea continent, although the economy of Australia is by far the largest and most dominant economy in the region and one of the largest in the world.

Does India share border with Russia?

Physical Background of India

India has the third-largest international border in the world after China and Russia, and also the most sensitive border of the World with respect to extreme climatic conditions and other physical features. Bangladesh to the east.

How many countries border with USA?

With a total of eighteen of such states, thirteen lie on the U.S.–Canada border, four on the U.S.–Mexico border, and one consists of a maritime borders with Cuba and The Bahamas.

Borders with other countries.

State Length of border Bordering country
Alaska 1,538 mi (2,475 km) Russia (water boundary) (Canada to the east)