When you share a link to a custom report?

What do you share when sharing a link to a custom report?

When you share a Custom Report, only the configuration information is shared. Your data remains private.

Can you share a custom report in Google Analytics?

To share a custom report template, select the right website in your Analytics account. Navigate to Customization » Custom Reports. Click the Actions dropdown menu, and then click Share. To share a template link, click Share template link and then click Share.

How do I share a report link in Google Analytics?

As for sharing saved Google Analytics reports, navigate to Customization » Saved Reports, and pick the report you want to share. Then click on the Share option. You’ll see a new screen popup. Now enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share the report.

What is a custom report?

A Custom Report is a report that you create. You pick the dimensions (City and Browser, for example) and metrics (Sessions, Pageviews, and Bounce Rate, for example) and decide how they should be displayed. You must specify at least one dimension and one metric. Learn about dimensions and metrics.

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How do I share a custom report?

Sharing Custom Reports

To share one of your custom reports, open the Customization section of your account, click on the Actions button for the report and select Share. A modal window will open where you can select “Share template link.” Click the “Share” button, and you will get a URL to share with your colleague.

What would prevent data from appearing in a custom report?

Answer: A filter that filters out all data.

How do I share a Google report?

How to share a report

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. View or edit the report you want to share.
  3. In top the right, click. Share. The Share with others dialog appears.

What are the chief benefits of a custom report?

Save Time with Automation. Time-efficiency is probably one of the most important benefits of custom reporting/dashboards. Instead of gathering data, preparing and crunching the numbers in Excel, and then having to create the report, for example, in PowerPoint, you could use a tool that does all of that for you.

What scopes can custom metrics have?

There are four levels of scope: product, hit, session, and user: Product – value is applied to the product for which it has been set (Enhanced Ecommerce only). Hit – value is applied to the single hit for which it has been set. Session – value is applied to all hits in a single session.

How do I share my custom dashboard in Google Analytics?

Click on the ‘Share in Solutions Gallery’ menu item, if you want to share your dashboard with the general public in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery. When you do that, you are only sharing the dashboard configuration. You are not sharing your traffic data.

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How do you save or share a report using Google Analytics What formats are available?

Export and share reports

  1. Open the report you’d like to export. Analytics exports the report as it is currently displayed on your screen, so make sure that you’ve applied your desired date range and report settings.
  2. Click Export (across from the report title).
  3. Select one of the export formats: CSV. TSV. TSV for Excel.

What is Share Template link in Google Analytics?

The Share > Share template link option generates a URL you can copy and send to other users, embed in a document or host on a website. When you share a Dashboard via a template, you share only the settings for the Dashboard–you do not share any data.