What’s the difference between like and share on LinkedIn?

Is liking or sharing better on LinkedIn?

Liking and commenting is much better for LinkedIn engagement. Most people think that using LinkedIn’s Share button is a good way to spread the word about posts they like or find useful. But LinkedIn shares don’t receive many views. In fact, sharing a LinkedIn post is about the worst way for you to help it succeed.

What does it mean when someone shares a post on LinkedIn?

Your posts may be shared with your connections via email depending on their email settings. When you re-share any post, URL, photo, or video on your LinkedIn feed, the commentary from the original poster of that content will be included. Posts from LinkedIn Groups can’t be reshared.

What does a like do on LinkedIn?

When you click “Like,” the person who published the post gets a ping on their notifications letting them know that you liked the post. This is a benefit because it gets you noticed by your connection, especially if this person is a prospect, client, colleague, supervisor, or industry influencer.


Is it better to post or share?

Yes, it takes much more effort to leave a comment than it does to hit the Share button, but doing so yields big payoffs. Posts are sorted based on what the LinkedIn algorithm thinks is most relevant, so adding valuable, thought-provoking commentary can help position the post at the top of the list.

What should you not share on LinkedIn?

5 Types of LinkedIn Posts That Can Hurt Your Brand

  • Controversial posts. …
  • Political or Religious Posts. …
  • Sales Pitch Posts. …
  • Too Much Personal Information Posts. …
  • Anything Negative or Unprofessional.

When should you share on LinkedIn?

Most clicks and shares: Tuesdays, 11 AM-12 PM. The worst time for LinkedIn: Sleeping hours (10 PM-6 AM) immediately before Monday and after Friday night. Best Times to post: 7-8 AM; 5-6 PM. Peak time of use during an average day: 12 PM; 5-6 PM.

Should you repost on LinkedIn?

So while it might be weird to hear this, you absolutely need to repost content on LinkedIn if you want to take full advantage of the Pulse algorithm. It’s the only way to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

Should I like my own LinkedIn posts?

Liking your own posts helps because people are more likely to interact with content if others have interacted first.

Why should I share posts on LinkedIn?

If you share a link on LinkedIn it’s because you want to draw the attention of your audience to something you find interesting. … The LinkedIn algorithm decides, based on the posts value and interactions, to expand the message reach and show the post to more people.

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How many LinkedIn likes is good?

– For the follower-based measurement method, a 2% LinkedIn engagement rate that’s is considered good, and anything above 2% is great. If your posts continuously have a lower than 2% engagement rate, chances are your follower base is not particularly active and your followers aren’t engaged with your content.

Can you see what you’ve liked on LinkedIn?

If you want to see which posts you liked over time, you can easily do that. Like in the previous steps, you have to go on your profile then click the activity section. Now you will be on the “All Activity” Tab. If you scroll down you will find your comments and likes on historic posts.

How do I increase my likes on LinkedIn?

Here are 11 hacks to help your content blast off like a rocket on LinkedIn Pulse.

  1. Keep Your Titles Short. …
  2. Use an Eye-Catching Image. …
  3. Grow Your LinkedIn Connections. …
  4. Publish Frequently. …
  5. Get Featured on Channels. …
  6. Do Some Old-School SEO. …
  7. Ask a Pulse Editor to Feature Your Story. …
  8. Give Your Post a Paid Boost.