Question: What companies are in QQQ ETF?

What companies are in the QQQ?

NASDAQ, Nasdaq-100 Index, Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock and QQQ are trade/service marks of The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

Information Technology.

Holdings Allocation
AAPL Apple Inc 10.99%
MSFT Microsoft Corp 9.96%
NVDA Nvidia Corp 3.70%
PYPL Paypal Holdings Inc 2.19%

Is QQQ ETF a good investment?

Since its inception in 1999, the Invesco QQQ Trust has significantly outperformed other major indexes such as the S&P 500 Index. In addition, it has been rated as the number one best performing large-cap growth fund over the last 15 years by financial services company Lipper.

What is the best QQQ ETF?

Invesco NASDAQ 100 ETF (QQQM)

Top QQQ and QQQM Holdings
Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) (class C shares) 4.2%
Facebook Inc. (FB) (class A shares) 4.0%
Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) (class A shares) 3.9%
NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) 3.9%

What ETF holds Disney?

Unlock all 308 ETFs with exposure to Walt Disney Company (DIS)

Ticker ETF Weighting
LIV Emles (a)Home ETF 4.64%
PEJ Invesco Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment ETF 4.54%
IXP iShares Global Comm Services ETF 4.38%
XLC Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund 4.38%

What ETF is similar to QQQ?

The QQQ fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF) within the PowerShares family. There are 18 other funds we track which provide a return similar to QQQ.

Extremely Similar Funds.

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99.8% 99.2%
iShares SPDR
Russell Top 200 Growth ETF S&P 500 Growth

Does Vanguard have a QQQ equivalent?

The primary difference between VGT and QQQ is the company that offers the exchange-traded fund (ETF). VGT is offered by Vanguard while QQQ is offered by Invesco. Another significant difference is the number of stocks in each, with VGT having 357 different companies in the index compared to 100 with QQQ.

Does QQQ have Tesla?

The Invesco QQQ ETF is a widely held exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks the Nasdaq 100 Index, and there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to investing in it.

QQQ ETF Top Holdings.

Invesco QQQ ETF Top Holdings
Stock Share of QQQ
Amazon (AMZN) 10.66%
Facebook A Shares (FB) 4.26%
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 3.45%

Is QQQ market cap weighted?

QQQ Fund Description

QQQ tracks a modified-market-cap-weighted index of 100 NASDAQ-listed stocks.

Which is better VOO or VTI?

VOO and VTI are highly correlated, as the former makes up about 82% of the latter by weight. Because of this, their historical performance has been very close, but we would expect VTI to slightly outperform VOO over the long term due to its inclusion of small- and mid-cap stocks, and indeed it has historically.

Does fidelity have a QQQ ETF?

QQQ | ETF Snapshot – Fidelity.

What is VOO dividend?

Vanguard S&P 500 (VOO): Dividend Yield

The Vanguard S&P 500 (VOO) ETF granted a 1.81% dividend yield in 2020.