Is webjet share a good buy?

Are Webjet shares a buy?

Webjet (WEB ASX) has been one of the companies that have been significantly affected by the COVID pandemic, with shares trading as high as ~$13.60 per share. This means shares are still down about 50% just prior to COVID.

Webjet Share Price Facts.

Webjet Share Price $5.15 per share
Shares Outstanding 379million

Is Webjet good value?

The good news is that the team at Goldman Sachs still sees a lot of value in the Webjet share price. According to a recent note, the broker has retained its buy rating and $6.40 price target on its shares. Based on the current Webjet share price of $5.50, this implies potential upside of 16% over the next 12 months.

Why is Webjet shorted?

A re-emergence of COVID-19 induced lockdowns has weighed on the online travel agent since mid-March. As a result, the short interest in Webjet has climbed atop the leader board.

Does webjet pay a dividend?

Webjet (ASX:WEB) pays Interim dividends to shareholders.

How does webjet make money?

The company may best be known to Australians for its online booking website but the earning results show Webjet is now making most of its money from its WebBeds hotel inventory division, which is the No. 2 global business-to-business player, Mr Guscic said.

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Does webjet have debt?

Debt Level: WEB’s debt to equity ratio (42.3%) is considered high.

Does webjet have cash?

Webjet to use cash to survive doomsday

At the time, Webjet said the funds would last the company through a bleak 2021 calendar year. … Webjet said its new funds would allow it to survive a ‘doomsday’ scenario while providing the capital to acquire struggling travel industry rivals.

What are the most shorted stocks on the ASX?

ASX Most Shorted Stocks

Stock code Stock name Short interest percent
KGN Operates as a portfolio of retail and services businesses. Learn more Ltd 13.05%
Z1P Learn more Zip Co Ltd 11.11%
RBL Redbubble Ltd 10.83%
MSB Learn more Mesoblast Ltd 9.95%

Who is shorting zip?

Previously known as ZipMoney Limited, Zip is an Australian FinTech company that operates a ‘buy now pay later’ (BNPL) service. The company was founded in 2013 and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Currently, it has a market capitalization of AUD $4.05 billion.

What is shorting stocks Australia?

Short selling is when an investor borrows and sells shares that they do not own with the plan to buy the shares back in future at a lower price. Note this carries a higher degree of risk as losses can be unlimited. Data is updated daily, ASIC data takes a week to collate.