How do you ask someone to share your knowledge?

How do you politely ask to share something?

Adverbs such as also and therefore can be inserted into a request as follows:

  1. I would also be grateful if you could send me … .
  2. I would therefore be grateful if you could send me … .
  3. Could you therefore please send me … ?
  4. Could you therefore send me … ?
  5. Could you also send me … ?

How do you politely ask someone to explain something?

There are a few simple steps to follow when you’re looking for further explanation.

  1. Admit you need clarification. Admitting you need more information makes the next step much easier for the person you ask. …
  2. Don’t blame the other person. Own your confusion. …
  3. Summarize. …
  4. Be specific.

How do you ask someone for their expertise?


  1. Be formal. …
  2. Flatter the person. …
  3. Introduce yourself in one or two sentences. …
  4. Offer the expert something in exchange, if you have something to offer. …
  5. Ramble. …
  6. Say you’re broke and that you won’t be purchasing any of my books or my course.

How do you ask to share information?

Here are 5 English phrases you can use to ask somebody for the information you need.

  1. Can you tell me…? Could you tell me…?
  2. Can anyone tell me…? / Could anyone tell me…?
  3. Do you know…?
  4. Do you have any idea…? Do you happen to know…?
  5. I wonder if you could tell me…
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How do you politely ask for information in an email?

Asking for information

  1. I am writing to enquire about…
  2. I would be grateful if you could give me some information/further details about…
  3. I would appreciate some information about…
  4. I would be interested to receive further details about…

How do you ask someone to link to you?

Three Ways to Effectively Ask for Links

  1. Consider Your Audience. Think about who you are asking. …
  2. Build Trust. In order to form a relationship with a blog owner or webmaster, there must be a level of trust. …
  3. Give Value. Give your new outreach relationships as much value as possible.

How do you ask for clarification?

When you don’t understand what someone has said, you can ask for clarification using the following expressions:

  1. What do you mean by…?
  2. Do you mean…?
  3. Could you say that again, please?
  4. Could you repeat please?
  5. Could you clarify that, please?
  6. Would you elaborate on that , please?
  7. Could you be more explicit?

How do you clarify a question?

Guidelines for Clarifying

  1. Admit if you are unsure about what the speaker means.
  2. Ask for repetition.
  3. State what the speaker has said as you understand it, and check whether this is what they really said.
  4. Ask for specific examples.
  5. Use open, non-directive questions – if appropriate.

How do you ask to confirm something?

How do you ask someone to confirm your email?

  1. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  4. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.
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