How do I share an event with another group on Facebook?

How do I share an event with a group on Facebook?

Click the event you’d like to share. Below the event title, click . Select Share to News Feed, Send in Messenger, Share to a Page, Share to a group or Share to a friend’s profile.

How do I make a Facebook event shareable?

How do I share a Facebook event?

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Events, then tap Calendar and select a public event.
  3. Below the event title, tap Share.
  4. Select Your Story, News Feed, Message, Copy Link or More.
  5. You can also tap Invite next to your friends’ names to invite them individually.

How do I share an event with a group?

If you really want to share an event on facebook, this post should have explained just how to do it… find the event by going to and scroll down until you’ve found your events. Then after landing on the event page, click on “invite” to expose the “share” button. Then just be real and have fun!

Why can’t I post on Facebook group event?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to post in an event: Only the host can post in an event for some events. For some events, hosts must approve posts before they appear. If the host approves your post, it will appear in the event discussion.

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How do I share an event on my story?

To share an event in Stories, users go to an event page. Below the date and time of the event, there’s an option to “Share.” Once you click on that button, you tap “Share Your Story.” Friends who see the event pop up in a Facebook Story can tap on “Interested” if they want to attend the event.

Can you clone a Facebook group?

If necessary, click Groups from the Main Menu bar. Find and enter the group you want to copy/clone. … Click the Actions button and select Clone Group, as shown in the below figure. Click OK on the confirmation message that appears.