How do I convert a mailbox to a shared mailbox in Exchange 2013?

How do I convert a mailbox to a shared mailbox in Exchange?

Use the New Exchange admin center to convert a mailbox

  1. Go to the Exchange admin center.
  2. Select Recipients > Mailboxes.
  3. Select the user mailbox. In the Mailbox tab, under More Actions, select Convert to shared mailbox.
  4. If the mailbox is smaller than 50 GB, you can remove the license from the user, and stop paying for it.

How do I create a shared mailbox in Exchange 2013?

Use the EAC to create a shared mailbox

  1. Go to Recipients > Shared > Add .
  2. Fill-in the required fields: Display name. Email address.
  3. To grant Full Access or Send As permissions, click Add. , and then select the users you want to grant permissions to. …
  4. Click Save to save your changes and create the shared mailbox.

How do I convert mailbox to shared mailbox in bulk?

Table of contents

  1. Before you start.
  2. Prepare the user mailbox CSV file.
  3. Check the content in CSV file.
  4. Bulk convert user mailbox to shared mailbox with CSV file. Verify the result.
  5. Prepare the user mailbox text file.
  6. Check the content in text file.
  7. Bulk convert user mailbox to shared mailbox with text file. Verify the result.
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How do I convert a remote mailbox to a shared mailbox?

Convert user mailbox to shared mailbox

  1. Identify Exchange Online mailbox. Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator. …
  2. Run Set-RemoteMailbox cmdlet. Run the Set-RemoteMailbox cmdlet and specify the user mailbox. …
  3. Force sync Azure AD. …
  4. Verify converted mailbox type. …
  5. Remove Exchange Online license.

What is the difference between a mailbox and a shared mailbox?

A shared mailbox is just that, a mailbox that can be shared with one or more users. Shared mailboxes do not require a license and have all of the features of a normal mailbox; they have an inbox, a calendar, a contact list etc. Shared mailboxes appear as separate mailboxes in Outlook and Outlook on the web.

How do I open a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Open the shared mailbox in a separate browser window

  1. Sign in to your account in Outlook on the web.
  2. On the Outlook on the web navigation bar, click your name. A list appears.
  3. Click Open another mailbox.
  4. Type the email address of the other mailbox that you want to open, and then click Open.

Does a shared mailbox need a license Exchange 2013?

A shared mailbox in office 365 is: Free and do not require a license, but every user that accesses the Shared Mailbox must be assigned an Office 365 license. Cannot be accessed by users with Exchange Online Kiosk license. … A Shared mailbox doesn’t have a username and password and users cannot log into it directly.

How do I create a shared calendar in exchange center Center 2013?

Open the “team” mailbox, click the “Calendar” at bottom-left, click the tab”share canlendar”, then share then calendar with all the teammates.

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How do I convert a mailbox to a shared mailbox in Exchange 2016?

Go to recipients > shared. Now, open the properties of the shared mailbox by double-clicking it and assign permission to users. After assigning permission click save. In this way you can convert a user mailbox to shared mailbox.

How do I convert a shared mailbox in Office 365?


  1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 account. …
  2. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, choose the Active users option.
  3. Choose the user mailbox which you want to convert to the shared mailbox. …
  4. Then, click Convert to shared mailbox to convert your regular mailbox to a shared one.