How do I change my name on my society share certificate?

How do I add a name to my society share certificate?

Make a gift deed giving 50percent of the flat to your mother. Then apply to society for adding her name. It will be better to execute a family settlement Deed with your mother and other legal heirs if available and submit the same for the mutation in the Share Certificates.

How do I remove my name from society share certificate?

Also by same documents you can apply and. take. share certificate from the society.

  1. Mere deletion of name of Father, from Society’s membership is possible, via a Application + Death Certificate + Indemnity Bond. …
  2. HOWEVER, the above will not delete the Title-Ownership rights of the deceased Father.

How do I transfer my society share certificate?

An application for transfer of shares and interest in the capital or property of the society should be made in the prescribed form, along with the share certificate An application for membership of the proposed transferee should be made in the prescribed form Valid reasons for the proposed transfer should be furnished …

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Is society share certificate proof of ownership?

While your sale deed is the proof that the property has been legally transferred in your name, a share certificate is a legal proof that you are the rightful owner of the co-operative housing society’s shares.

Can I sell my flat without share certificate?

You have to furnish the registered sale deed. … Another important document is original share certificate, showcasing that the shares issued for flat/house are in the name of seller and he/she is member of the society.

Can share certificates be in joint names?

One has to ensure that in case of a joint ownership share certificates issued by the society should include both names. Some old housing societies have issued share certificates only in the first owner’s name and in such cases the joint owner will have no rights in the society.

How do I transfer shares into joint names?

How Do I Transfer Shares to Joint Shareholders? Print

  1. Go to the Shareholders tab. …
  2. Find the shareholder who will be transferring shares. …
  3. First of all the wizard will want to know the date the shares are being transferred. …
  4. Enter the number of shares being transferred. …
  5. Enter the price being paid for the shares.

How do I transfer shares in joint name to single name?

An investor prefers to make use of existing demat account held in single name by first transferring physical shares held in joint name into single name. Transferring physical shares requires payment of transfer fees through franking of transfer deed documents, a service investors used to avail from BOI Shareholding.

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How can I remove my name from property in India?

If you do not have any loan or mortgage over the said property, then the easiest way to remove your name from the joint names, is if you were to execute a release deed or relinquishment deed in favour of your wife with respect to 50% share that you are the owner of, then she in turn becomes the full and absolute owner …

How do you transfer a society?

Submit an application for membership of the proposed transferee on the prescribed form. Give valid reasons for the proposed transfer Discharge all the liabilities of the society Pay the transfer fee Remit entrance fee payable by the proposed transferee. Pay the premium at a rate to be fixed by the general body.

What happens if society share certificate is lost?

File an FIR in the local police station stating that you have lost the original share certificate issued to you by the housing society. … You shall then submit an indemnity bond on a stamp paper of Rs 200 to the society agreeing to indemnify/cover all the costs it shall bear to issue a duplicate share certificate.

Can share certificate be issued without conveyance deed?

You must have the conveyance deed from the builder and it should be in the possession of your housing society. Before the housing society can issue a share certificate, ensure that the property is free of encumbrances.