Frequent question: How do I share my screen on Facebook Live?

Why can’t I share my screen on Facebook Live?

Facebook Live now has built in screen sharing that can be used from your desktop. Until now, the only way to share your screen during a live broadcast was to use a third party app. … And, the first time you use it, you’ll be prompted to install the Facebook Screen Sharing Chrome extension on your browser.

How do I live stream and share my screen?

To share your screen, click the Share Screen button on the player preview, directly next to Webcam settings. This opens the screen selection page. Within this menu, you can choose to share your entire screen, a specific application, or a Chrome browser tab.

How do I stream my computer screen to Facebook?

To get started on your live broadcast from a computer, click “Live Video” from the top of your News Feed or Timeline, then follow the prompts to add a description and choose your audience. We’ve also added a new feature that makes it easy to use streaming software or external hardware when going live from a computer.

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