Best answer: How do shared driveways work?

Is a shared driveway a bad idea?

The most significant possible negative is that – because you are sharing the driveway with other people – you may become involved in a disagreement. Neighbors, being human, can sometimes get into arguments.

How do you split a shared driveway?

One option for dividing property lines down a shared driveway is to install chain link fencing. A chain link fence is a relatively inexpensive fence to have installed, and can readily be placed over asphalt. Asphalt is soft enough to allow fence posts to be sunk into the driveway.

Who pays to fix a shared driveway?

Generally, when a driveway gives access to two or more properties, then the responsibility for its maintenance is shared jointly by the owners of those properties. Under the Land Transfer Regulations the cost of general repairs and maintenance of a right-of-way should be shared equally by users.

Can I erect a fence on a shared driveway?

Answer: Check your title deeds and those of your neighbour to establish the boundaries of your property and how the driveway is owned. You could each own half of it, or one of you could own the whole of it. Either way, as the driveway is shared you will each have been granted certain rights of access over it.

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How can I stop my neighbors from using my driveway?

Best 5 Ways Stop Someone Parking in Your Driveway

  1. No. 1 Negotiate with the Person Directly. Firstly, you should try and find out if any of your neighbors know whose car it is or if they saw the person who parked there. …
  2. No. 2 Call the police. …
  3. No. 3 Install a Security Camera. …
  4. No. 4 Put up Signs. …
  5. No. 5 Install a Fence.

What is a shared driveway mean?

A shared driveway is generally a driveway jointly owned by the owners of the properties it gives access to. Details of the way in which it is owned (i.e. owned in common or with reciprocal right of way easements) are shown on the deeds.

What are my rights with a shared driveway NSW?

The law says that your neighbour can use the easement to pass across your property to enter their property. … Your neighbour should only be using the driveway for the short period it takes to drive or walk across it to enter their property and they should definitely not be parking their car there.

How close to a property line can you put a driveway?

Depending on where you live, there may be legal setback requirements. The side setback is usually 5 feet minimum (on each side) for most regular neighborhoods. In some areas, you can indeed pave a driveway just on the property line but you still have to verify this with the local government.