What does an investor relations person do?

What is an investor relations job description?

Investor Relations (IR) refers to the responsibility of managing communication between a company’s corporate management and its investors. An Investor Relations Manager helps support releasing information, handling inquiries and meetings, providing feedback to management, and crisis management.

What are the main role of the investor relations officer?

An investor relations officer (IRO) is responsible for creating and presenting a consistently applied investment message to the investment community. The IRO is also responsible for monitoring and presenting to management the opinions of the investment community regarding the company’s performance.

Is investor relations a good job?

For the right person, an investor relations career can be a good exit from IB/ER, but it’s not the best entry point into finance. It doesn’t give you many direct exit opportunities, and it’s often a “jack of all trades” role.

How much do you make in investor relations?

In 2019, mid and staff-level IR professionals earned an average base salary of $201,531 and $140,218, respectively. In 2016, the base salary of directors and senior managers ranged from $140,285 to $167,400, while managers and analysts took home $115,000 and $81,500, respectively.

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How much does Head of IR make?

Globally, the average salary for a head of IR is between $200,000 and $249,999 a year, according to the IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report 2014.

What skills do you need for Investor Relations?


  • excellent verbal communication skills to talk with investors and maintain the company’s image.
  • excellent written communication skills to prepare convincing presentations.
  • to be detail-oriented and have problem-solving skills.
  • to understand financial reports and study daily financial market happenings.

What is an IR deck?

Remember that the IR deck is a means of telling your story in a way that press releases and SEC filings can’t, and is often the Street’s the first stop in learning about your company. Create a clear, compelling, professional deck, and keep it refreshed, relevant, and current.

What is an IR contact?

Investor relations (IR) is a strategic management responsibility that is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a …

Why should I work in Investor Relations?

The Importance of Investor Relations. Investor Relations (IR) combines finance, communication, and marketing to effectively control the flow of information between a public company, its investors, and its stakeholders. Investors play a major and vital role in the success and growth of a company.

How much does a VP of Investor Relations make?

The average Vice President Investor Relations in the US makes $289,950. The average bonus for a Vice President Investor Relations is $44,148 which represents 15% of their salary, with 100% of people reporting that they receive a bonus each year.

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Is Investor Relations back office?

What is a Back Office? … A front office at an Investment Bank or a Private Equity firm is the one that interacts with the clients. It comprises people who are in touch with the market like traders, deal makers, Investor relations, and rainmakers.

How much do Investor Relations managers make?

The salaries of Investor Relations Managers in the US range from $51,000 to $175,000 , with a median salary of $82,600 . The middle 50% of Investor Relations Managers makes between $75,000 and $80,000, with the top 83% making $175,000.