Is Warren Buffett still married?

Did Warren Buffett marry his housekeeper?

She eventually moved into his house. Susie and Warren never divorced. After her death in 2004, he married Menks. Buffett tells Schroeder that Susie’s departure “was preventable.

Is Natalie Buffett Warren Buffett’s daughter?

Nicole Buffett, the daughter of Warren Buffett’s son Peter, talks about being part of one of the wealthiest families in the United States during a segment of “The One Percent,” which is due to air on U.S. cable television on Thursday.

Why did Warren Buffett disown his granddaughter?

Buffett said she received a letter — in response to one she sent asking her grandfather to explain why he disowned her — in which he told her she had “never been considered a real family member, that I have not been legally or emotionally adopted” by him.

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