Is the dividend the bigger number?

Is the dividend the bigger or smaller number?

We know divisor means to split a large group of objects into small equal groups. The large group is called the dividend. The number of smaller equal groups is called the divisor and the number of objects in each smaller group is called the quotient. Let us Divide 12 cupcakes among 3 children.

Is the divisor the biggest number?

The largest divisor of a number is the largest number that can divide it. It should not be the number itself. For example, for number 10, it can be divided by 1,2,5 and 10. So, the largest divisor is 5.

Is the dividend the first or second number?

The first number is the dividend (6), and the second number is the divisor (3). The result (or answer) is the quotient, where any left-over amount as whole numbers is called the “remainder”.

Do you always divide the bigger number first?

A common misconception among students is that, when dividing, you always put the larger number first. When this concept “sticks”, it is extremely difficult to undo later when students learn that you can, in fact, divide a smaller number by a larger one.

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What happens if the dividend is bigger than the divisor?

Remember to place a zero in the quotient when the divisor is larger than the dividend. Place the decimal point in your quotient. Check your answer: Multiply the divisor by the quotient to see if you get the dividend.

Are divisors always greater than dividends?

Answer: Dividend is always greater than the quotient. Step-by-step explanation: Dividend is always greater than the quotient.

What are the divisors of 72?

Divisors of numbers

Number Prime factorization Divisors
72 23* 32 1,2,3,6,8,9,12,24,36,72
73 73 1,73
74 2*37 1,2,37,69
75 3*52 1,3,5,15,25,75

How many positive divisors does 10 N have?

Show that 10n has (n+1)2 positive divisors.

As you can see this is true for the first 8 numbers.

What are the divisors of 90?

What is the list of divisors from 1 to 100?

Number List of Divisors
Divisors of 90 1,2,3,5,6,9,10,15,18,30,45,90
Divisors of 91 1,7,13,91
Divisors of 92 1,2,4,23,46,92
Divisors of 93 1,3,31,93

What is dividend number?

The number that is being divided (in this case, 15) is called the dividend, and the number that it is being divided by (in this case, 3) is called the divisor. The result of the division is the quotient.

What is 1 divided by a number called?

As far as words are concerned, we will use three terms in this section. In each division problem, you will have one number divided by another. The number you are dividing is called the dividend. The number you are “dividing by” is the divisor.