Is Infosys good for long term investment?

Is Infosys worth investing in?

Valuation metrics show that Infosys Limited may be fairly valued. Its Value Score of C indicates it would be a neutral pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of INFY, demonstrate its potential to perform inline with the market. It currently has a Growth Score of A.

Which IT company is best for long term investment?

List of Best Blue Chip Stocks to Consider

Company Name Industry Share Price as of 2nd October (NSE)
TCS Information Technology Rs 3,728.65
HDFC BANK Banking Rs 1,585.65
Infosys Information Technology Rs 1,665.60
ITC FMCG Rs 235.25

How many times Infosys give bonus shares?

Infosys Ltd. has given 5 bonuses since July 1, 2004. The last Bonus that Infosys Ltd. anoununced was in the ratio 1:1 with ex-date of Sept. 4, 2018.

Which share buy now?

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India

Name LTP Low
Axis Bank 755.00 740
B P C L 422.70 420
Bajaj Auto 3,726.10 3,682
Bajaj Finance 7,416.00 7,220

Which sector is best for investment in India?

5 Ultimate Sectors for Long-term Investment in India

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods)
  • Housing finance companies.
  • Automobile Companies.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Bonus: Pharmaceuticals Stocks.
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Is Wipro good for long term investment?

At the current market price of Rs,284, your Rs. 10,000/- investment in Wipro in 1980 will be worth a whopping Rs. 545 crore today. That is why equities are so powerful in the long run.

Does Infosys give 2021 bonus?

It turns out that they believe that the storm might’ve passed. Infosys will roll out salary increases and promotions across all levels effective January 2021. Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said that the company will also pay a special bonus in the quarter to December, while paying 100% variable pay in the previous quarter.

Which company gives bonus shares in 2021?


GEE 1:10 21-09-2021
Apollo Tricoat 1:1 16-09-2021
TPL Plastech 1:1 16-09-2021
APL Apollo 1:1 16-09-2021

Which is the best share to buy for long term in India?

List of the 10 Best Stocks to Buy in India for Long Term 2021

Stock Returns* in % Market Capitalisation (in Cr.)
Infosys ltd. 89.43 5,86,204
Jubilant Foodworks ltd. 83.80 38,620
Tata Consultancy Services ltd. 59.32 1,191,926
HDFC Bank ltd. 49.65 7,99,408