Frequent question: Is it safe to invest in grow App?

Is Groww APP good or bad?

The Groww app is fully secure and reliable. They have mentioned on their website that the user’s data is 100% safe, and they employ bank-grade security features on their platform. It uses the BSE Star MF platform for transactions, so all your transactions are direct with the respective mutual fund AMC.

Is Groww Demat account safe?

Groww Demat Account is safe and secure.

Similar to all other brokers, the Demat account is actually with the CDSL depository. The shares you hold in the Demat account remains with the CDSL and not with Groww. Groww just provides the facilitation services.

Is it safe to give bank details to Groww app?

All documents are stored using bank-grade security measures and are completely safe. We do not gather any unnecessary information from users. Only the mandatory information is asked for. Without these documents, investment is not possible according to Government rules.

Which is safe Zerodha or Groww?

Both the brokers are Discount Brokers. Zerodha is having overall higher rating compare to Groww. Zerodha is rated 4.5 out of 5 where Groww is rated only 3 out of 5.

Compare Zerodha vs Groww on Service.

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Zerodha Groww
Investments Offering
Customer Service
Broker Type Discount Broker Discount Broker

Is Groww registered with SEBI?

Yes, Groww is a SEBI registered Stockbroker in the name of NextBillion Technology Private Limited.

Is Groww really free?

Groww is free for mutual fund investments with no transaction charges, no redemption charges, or any other hidden charges. … However, investing in stocks through Groww is not free. Groww charges a lower of Rs. 20 or 0.05% of trade value towards brokerage for equity trades.

Can we trust Groww?

Groww is a safe, reliable, and trusted stockbroker in India. The company is a genuine stockbroker with all required certifications and memberships.

Is Groww good for stocks?

Groww is a low-cost broker with the free account opening and zero maintenance charges. It charges a lower of Rs 20 or 0.05% of trade value as a brokerage charge for Equity trading. … Overall, Groww is a good broker with a firm footing in the mutual fund space.

What if Groww app shuts down?

What if the Groww app shuts down? In case any mutual fund brokers such as Groww shuts down, your account will still be active with the corresponding mutual fund house. This way, you can directly reach out the mutual fund house and enquire about the current status of your account and investments with them.

Who is the owner of Groww app?


Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Owner Nextbillion Technology
Key people Lalit Keshre (CEO), Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh and Ishan Bansal
Industry Financial technology
Services Investment platform

What is DP charges in Groww?

DP charges or Depository Participant charges are charged by the depository (CDSL). DP charges when buying: Rs 0. DP charges when selling: Rs 13.5 + GST per ISIN (company stock or ETF) per day, regardless of quantity sold.

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Which is better coin or Groww?

The bottom line. Despite its better customer support system, the Zerodha coin app is rated much lower (3.7) than the Groww app (4.6) on the Play Store, backing the Groww app to have a better set of features and a smoother interface.