Frequent question: Can we invest in mutual funds without demat account?

How can I invest in mutual funds without demat account?

How to Invest Without Demat Account?

  1. Through AMC office or website: Many mutual fund companies mention and promote their products online. …
  2. Independent Portals: Different independent portals provide lists of mutual funds. …
  3. Through registered mutual fund adviser: …
  4. Transfer agents: …
  5. Banks:

Is it safe to invest in mutual funds without demat account?

No. You do not need a demat account to invest in mutual funds. There are several ways to invest in mutual funds.

Is demat account compulsory to invest in mutual funds?

While the Demat account is not mandatory for investing in mutual funds, investing or trading shares require a Demat account.

Can you invest without demat account?

As such, you cannot have a trading account without a demat account. Banks and brokers offer both trading and demat accounts. Apart from holding shares, Demat accounts are also essential if you want to hold bonds, debentures and other such money market instruments.

Does SIP require Demat account?

An SIP is the most convenient and efficient way to invest in a mutual fund. SIP is an acronym for Systematic Investment Plan. … You do not need a demat account unless you buy the fund from the stock exchange via a broker.

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Is Zerodha safe?

Yes, Zerodha is as safe as any other stock broker in India. Zerodha is a genuine and trusted stock broker. They are among the lowest risk broker for the following reasons: Zerodha is a debt-free.

Which mutual fund app is best?

7 Best Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment:

  • Groww- Direct Mutual Funds App. Groww app is one of the fastest-growing apps in the Indian mutual fund industry. …
  • ETMONEY Mutual Fund App. …
  • myCAMS Mutual Fund App. …
  • KFinKart- Investor Mutual Funds. …
  • Zerodha Coin. …
  • PayTM Money Mutual Funds App. …
  • KTrack mobile app by Karvy.

Which is best mutual fund?


Scheme Name Plan Category Name
SBI Large & Midcap Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Direct Plan Large & Mid Cap Fund
Large Cap Fund
Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Direct Plan Large Cap Fund
Franklin India Bluechip Fund – Direct – Growth Direct Plan Large Cap Fund

Is Groww app free for mutual funds?

Investing in Mutual funds through Groww is free, as there are no account opening charges, subscription fees, commission, or redemption charges.

Can Zerodha be used for mutual funds?

Zerodha Coin is India’s largest direct mutual fund platform that lets you buy direct mutual funds online with no commission passback, directly from asset management companies. Your mutual funds, stocks, currencies, bonds, and more, all in your Demat account.

Can mutual funds be held in demat form?

Mutual funds can either be held in physical or in demat form in the demat account held by the holder with a depository participant (DP). The advantage of holding units in a single demat account is the ease of transaction it allows. At the time of buying units, one can indicate if the units are to be held in demat form.

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