Does AFI have a dividend reinvestment plan?

How does AFIC pay dividends?

AFIC will pay 14¢ per share in a fully franked dividend next month, which when combined with the February dividend brings its total for the financial year to 24¢, matching the sum paid in the prior year.

Do AFI shares pay dividends?

The dividend history of AFIC shares.

We pay fully franked dividends as cash payments. Alternatively, AFIC shareholders can elect to reinvest these dividends through our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) or Dividend Substitution Share Plan (DSSP).

Is AFI still a good investment?

It’s not a bad option at all. It has low costs (just 0.14% per year) and a decent dividend yield. The portfolio returns have been better than its benchmark in recent years, which is good.

Is AFIC a good long term investment?

Verdict: AFIC is a great listed investment company with a long term focus of increasing dividends to its shareholders and makes it an attractive income source for early retirement.

Is AFI a managed fund?

Invest in AFIC as part of your Self Managed Super Fund. Learn more and download the AFIC Investing for SMSF brochure.

What companies does AFI invest in?

Top 25 investments valued at closing prices at 30 September 2021

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Rank Company Name % of Portfolio
1 Commonwealth Bank of Australia 9.0
2 CSL 7.0
3 BHP Group 5.7
4 Wesfarmers 4.5

Is AFI an index fund?

And, even though it was a managed fund (not an index fund), it steadfastly kept its fees incredibly low, around 90% cheaper than most managed funds. What’s more, it had a long history of outperforming its peers, thanks to a boring philosophy of buying quality businesses at good prices and holding them long term.

Which ETF does Barefoot Investor recommend?

Here’s how I’d suggest she plays: Put $25,000 in the Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (ASX code: VAS). Or, if she prefers a greener option, the Vanguard Ethically Conscious Australian Shares ETF (ASX code: VETH). Then put $25,000 in the Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares ETF (ASX code: VGS).

What dividend does Telstra pay?

Telstra chief executive Andy Penn admits there is still work to ensure its coveted 16¢ a share full-year dividend is sustained into the future as the telecoms giant races to hit earnings “aspirations” for 2022-23.

Is Scott Pape rich?

I’m Really Rich! Hi Scott, As a result of recently selling our (multi-generation) family business, my husband and I are now $34 million wealthier (after tax).

Is AFI and ETF?

At first glance, Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (VAS) and Australian Foundation Investment Co (AFI) are remarkably similar. They’re both listed on the ASX. They both offer investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of large Australian companies. And they both charge rock-bottom management fees.

Is Milton a LIC?

Milton has been an investment company since 1938 and it became a LIC when it listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1958. Milton invests its own funds in a diversified portfolio of investments which is managed internally by its directors and executives.

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