Parente Property


In December 2015, the West Greenwich Land Trust partnered with The Nature Conservancy to protect the 95-acre Parente property on Hudson Pond Road. The tract abuts the W. Alton Jones campus of the University of Rhode Island, and other lands of The Nature Conservancy, and has been incorporated into the Tillinghast Pond Management Area.


The West Greenwich Land Trust supported the project with a $50,000 grant, leveraging grants from RIDEM and the Bafflin Foundation. RIDEM will hold a conservation easement over the property, providing additional legal protection.


The Parente Property is characterized by second growth oak forest, with American beech found on the steepest upland hillsides. A 12-acre wetland at the northern edge of the property contains some of the largest trees in the area, and drains into Kelley Brook, a tributary of the Wood River. It supports at least 9 of Rhode Island's bird species most in need of conservation, including black-and-white warbler, great crested flycatcher, and wood thrush.


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